Escape from Anxiety with Serenity Therapy Dough!

Modern life is full of stress and uncertainty. The fast pace makes us think fast and act fast, giving us a lot of pressure. Fortunately, we have many ways to reduce stress and find comfort. One of the options is aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to escape from the problems of life and find peace. Aromatherapy is the natural and the most eco-friendly way of relaxing. Using essential oils, aromatherapy can reduce stress and improve your mood. Essential oils are made directly from flowers, plants, herbs, and tree parts. It doesn't contain any chemicals so it is 100% natural. Each scent has a different effect on our minds and body. Everyone can find a scent that fits their inner peace. The scent of essential oil activates special receptors in our nose that send signals to our brain.

Therapy dough is the perfect helper while you want to have a quick escape from your stress. With the comforting essential oil, you will have fragrance enjoyment as soon as you open the colorful container. By pressing, pinching, and shaping the dough, not only can you stretch your fingers, but also press out the anxiety and unpleasantness within your mind. When you are tired of working with demanding supervisors, you can pinch the therapy dough. When you are upset with your boyfriend forgetting your birthday, you can stretch the therapy dough. When you are annoyed by a nonstop crying baby, you can press the therapy dough of course. Therapy dough can be your best companion all the time with its small and portable size. You can bring it anytime and anywhere as long as you want it.

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Playing with Familidoo Silicone Clay: Learning Can be Fun!

Familidoo Silicone Clay is silicone-based play dough. The silicone material makes it different from any other play dough in the market, which is usually made of starch material. The silicone material is not affected by the surrounding humidity; therefore, it will not dry out even if we put it in an open space. While starch material is reactive to the surrounding humidity, so it can dry out because of the water content transfer to the environment. Familidoo Silicone Clay is the perfect toy for kids of all ages because it is reusable and more importantly it is non-toxic. It comes in six vibrant colors that can be mixed, allowing your children to create their own colors. Moreover, it is also good for your children's development process. Here are some benefits of playing with playdough:


1. It Encourages Sensory Development

Children begin to develop their sensory skills by the experience of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing in their daily activities. Playing with play clay or play dough is an alternative way for your children to spend their time! The texture and vibrant colors of the dough will improve your children’s ability to recognize different sensory stimuli.


2. It Develops Coordination and Motor Skills

Coordination and motor skills development is the gradual process by which a child gains use and coordination of the large muscles of the legs, and arms, and the smaller muscles of the hands. Playing with Familidoo Silicone Clay is a fun learning activity. Children can squish it, poke it, punch it, roll it, stack it, mold it, stretch it, and shape it to develop their coordination and motor skills.


3. It Extends Attention Spans

Playing with clay or dough helps kids slow down and focus on playing while using a number of senses and skills in the process. It brings a welcome break from the use of tablets and cell phones as entertainment for children.


4. It Enhances Their Imagination

Familidoo Silicone Clays provide six vibrant colors and three templates to stimulate children’s creativity. They can mix colors to create new colors and using the clay to create different shapes according to their imagination. Another alternative is to use the clay to decorate a 2D drawings, which can enhance their imagination and creativity.


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Get to Know Key Features of the Baby Stroller that You Need!

When you buy a new stroller, you might miss some important features because you are not familiar with the product. However, it is an important decision to make sure that your purchase can provide the best benefits for your babies. Here are some important key features of stroller parts you need to consider so that the money you spend will meet the best quality.


  1. Canopy – The stroller canopy will protect your babies from sunlight and rain. Some stroller canopies are made of UV protection or water repellent fabrics. As an example, Familidoo Plié comes with UV 50 protection canopy that will block the direct sunlight to your loved ones. Moreover, the canopy is also made of water-repellent fabric that protects from water splash.


  1. Bumper Bar – Bumper bar is the part of the stroller where your babies hold when they are onboard. Some strollers come with a fixed bumper bar, which is not so easy to use because as your babies are growing up, it might be harder to get on the stroller while the bumper bar is not detachable or adjustable. Familidoo Plié comes with a detachable bumper bar which can also be rotated 360o.


  1. Push Bar – Also known as “Handle Bar”, the push bar is the part where you take control of the stroller, for example where you push, hand brake, or fold the stroller. It is important to choose a stroller with an easy-to-operate push bar. Familidoo Plié comes with a leather-made push bar which is not only elegant but also anti-slip. Designed as an auto-folding stroller, there are two easy-to-fold buttons that you can press to fold the stroller in two seconds.


  1. Seat Unit – This stroller part should be the main consideration when you buy a stroller. A comfortable seat unit will provide a comfortable ride for the little passenger. It is important to choose a seat unit with soft padding, an adjustable backrest, and also washable. Soft padding makes sure your loved ones will feel comfortable inside and the fabric will not irritate their skin. An adjustable backrest will provide a room to sit or lie down according to their needs. Last but not least, washable seat unit fabric is important to keep the stroller hygiene.


  1. Stroller’s Brakes & Locks System – It is important to make sure that the stroller that you will purchase complies with safety standards. The stroller’s brakes and lock system should be checked to make sure the stroller's safety is under control and it will carry the little passengers safe and sound. Familidoo Plié comes with a linked brake system on the rear wheels, which is easy to control and super durable.


  1. Safety Harness – Some people also call it a safety belt. It is one of the safety factors that you need to take into consideration. Safety harness usually comes with some pads to make sure it is comfortable, as well as the buckle where we lock the harness. Familidoo Plié provides a safety harness that comes with a magnetic buckle. The magnetic buckle system is designed to ease parents buckle up the safety harness in a few seconds.  


  1. Basket – Spacious basket is needed for any kind of stroller. From heavy-duty to lightweight strollers, the spacious baskets should be there to carry our babies’ essentials for a hassle-free travel experience.


  1. Wheels – like any kind of vehicle, wheels play an important role to make sure the ride is moving on. For any strollers, wheels should be durable and versatile to make sure the safety and convenience of the little passengers on board. Moreover, some stroller products come with a suspension system on the wheels to provide extra comfort. Familidoo Plié is designed with suspension on the front wheels to provide a smooth ride on every road surface.


  1. Folding System – Last but not least, the folding system is a very important feature to consider when you buy a stroller. Some strollers’ folding system is too complicated especially when parents are inexperienced in operating strollers. A stroller with a simple and easy folding system is the best choice especially when parents like to go traveling to many places. Familidoo Plié is designed to auto-fold when you press the two easy-folding buttons on the push bar. It can fold perfectly in just two seconds, as easy as Plié!

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Basic Questions Before Buying a Baby Stroller

Are you expecting a newborn? Or do you want to buy a stroller as a gift? When it comes to choosing the right stroller, most of the users are not fully experienced or they don't really know what they actually need. For sure, you want to get the best stroller which price point will meet your expected quality. These are some basic questions that you will need to consider before placing your order:


  1. Is it a newborn-friendly stroller? Check the age target of the stroller. In the description, it is usually written the suitable age of the baby who will use the stroller. Another easiest way is by checking the shape of the seat unit of the stroller. Some strollers have seat units with deep-reclining positions which provide safe space for your newborns. There are also some 2in1 strollers that include bassinet along with the seat unit in one package, for example, Familidoo NC8880.


  1. How long will the stroller be used? If you want to use the same stroller for your newborns through toddler stages, you might need to invest more, in the beginning, to save your budget in the long run. Moreover, if you plan to reuse the stroller in the future, the high-quality stroller is a must-have. A reliable, durable, and heavy-duty is one of the best choices. Familidoo NC8880 offers a 2in1 travel system, which includes a bassinet when you buy the stroller. The bassinet can be used for your newborn, then you can keep it and shift to the seat unit when the baby already has some neck control or can nearly sit up unsupported. Familidoo NC8880 is made of a high-quality aluminum frame with durable fabric material, allowing long-term and heavy-duty usage.


  1. Does it comply with safety standards? Safety is the main consideration when buying a stroller. A stroller with international safety standards had undergone some testing process which can assure customers a safe and enjoyable ride for babies. Familidoo NC8880 complies with safety standards in EU and US regions, which are the main safety standards accepted by most countries globally.


  1. How easy is it to assemble? Using strollers seems so simple and easy, however, the assembly of a stroller is another story. Some strollers require a quite complicated and technical way to assemble. More often than not, the manual book can not really provide a clear explanation of how to assemble. The frame of Familidoo NC8880 is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, providing a convenient experience, especially for a first-time user.


  1. How heavy is it? The weight of a stroller matters the most when you like to go traveling. With a lightweight stroller, a travel experience must be hassle-free. Nowadays, in the fast-moving era, lightweight and functionality should get along together. Familidoo NC8880 is made of aluminum frame which makes it lightweight compared to any other heavy-duty strollers in the market.


  1. Where will it be used? It is important to know which stroller you need to choose based on the environment where you live as well as where you frequently commute. You might need a stroller with durable wheels and a well-designed suspension system if you will use the stroller on a bumpy or rough road surface. Besides, the stroller size also matters considering whether you will use it on a narrow street or you will need extra space to carry baby’s essentials to travel.


After answering the basic questions above, you might also need to narrow down the questions to more specific inquiries, for example, what features that you need to consider when you already get some stroller options. You might also need to get to know each stroller part as well as its functions. Check out other articles on our website if you would like to be a stroller master!


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