Silicone Clay

Familidoo Silicone Clay is a cleaner and safer version of the classic dough for kids that never hardens. Familidoo Silicone Clay doesn’t stick to clothing, is non-toxic, and remains soft, stretchy, and glossy. Help encourage your child’s creative thinking, expression, and imagination with included templates for 2D modeling.

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Product Description

  • Model no.: Familidoo Silicone Clay
  • Age: over 3 years old


  • Odor-free. Toxic-free
  • Safe for kids
  • Not sticky. Not oily. No waste and Antibacterial
  • Does not release toxic substances when exposed to heat
  • Does not produce dioxin
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Doesn't leave oil stains
6 Vibrant Colors Silicone Clay
Help stimulates your child’s creative thinking, expression, and imagination. Enhances fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Made of natural materials, Familidoo Silicone Clay is colorless and odorless. It will not dry or harden even if it is kept at room temperature for years.
child playing with silicone clay playdough
Silicone Clay's Safety Guarantee
1. Enhace hand-eye coordination and hand muscle development.
2. Soft and easy to knead, no crumbs, no stickiness and can be reused.
3. Non-toxic, if accidentally swallowed, there is no safety concern.
Who Are Suitable for the Silicone Clay?
All children over 3 years old who enjoy art creation.
Passed Multi-National Safety Inspection
1. Passed the US FDA inspection
2. Passed the EU CE inspection
3. Passed ST (safety toy) test
Stimulate Children Imagination and Creativity
Familidoo Silicone Clays provide six vibrant colors and three templates to stimulate children’s creativity.
They can mix colors to create new colors and using the clay to create different shapes according to their imagination.
child playing with silicone clay play dough
Made with Natural Materials
Familidoo Silicone Clay is made of safe and non-toxic silicone. Therefore, if children accidentally swallow it, there is no safety concern.
silicone clay template
Contains Japanese Antibacterial Formula
It is mainly refined from natural quartz sand and contains Japanese medical grade antibacterial formula, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
child playing with silicone clay play dough
Smooth Texture That Never Dries
Using special silicone clay formula, the surface becomes smooth. It feels great in hands, no crumbs, no sticky hands and can be reused.
child stretching silicone clay dough
High Elasticity
Having no specific shape, Familidoo Silicone Clay is elastic. It can return to its original container shape when not in use, ready for another playing session.
A Perfect Choice for Children Gifts
With all the satefy guarantees, adults and children can use it without concern.