4 Seat Wagon Chariot Grand MJ04

The big brother in the Familidoo 4 Seat Wagon Chariot range offers the unique multifunction nursery experience that only Familidoo can provide.

The 4 Seat Wagon Chariot Grand’s assorted pockets and carefully engineered easy-buttoning bright panels are made of hard-wearing 1680D fabric, a unique feature of the largest 4 Seat Wagon Chariot.


The 4 Seat Wagon Grand has an extra-strength steel frame, with riveted joints and heavy-duty plastic components throughout making it as durable as possible for the nursery environment or any situation the Grand is taking its young passengers.

4 Seat Wagon MJ04

Product Description

  • Model no.: Familidoo Chariot Grand- MJ06
  • Age: 6 months - 36 months
  • Open Dimensions: 120x82x142 cm
  • Folding Dimensions: 97x82x112 cm
  • Product Weight: 26.5 kg (not including foldable bench seats, dust cover)
  • Gross Weight: 40.9 kg
  • Carton Dimensions: 84x43x124 cm
  • 40’HQ: 204 PCS
  • 20’GP: 90 PCS
  • Optional: Foldable bench seats, rain cover, dust cover


  • Detachable roof stows away in stroller
  • Push down auto-brake device
  • Matching storage pockets
  • Sefety second lock
  • Zipper door for easy access
  • Easy and compact folding




4 Seat Wagon Chariot Grand MJ04
Suitable for children and pets |
Multifunction Stroller | Large Wagon
About Familidoo 4 Seat Wagon MJ04
  1. 1. Fit up to 4 children
  2. 2. Multifunction for multiple purposes
  3. 3. Easy to fold and store
children and pet stroller
who the multi function stroller is for
Who Are Suitable for The Multifunction Stroller?
Suitable for all children under 3 years old and pets
Safety Guaranteed!
Pass the strict EU EN1888 and USA ASTM safety test, we assure the best safety features your children.
MJ06 multi function stroller feature
quad stroller for 4 children
Accommodate Up To 4 Children
Comes with the removable 2-seater passenger seat on each side, Familidoo Chariot Grand can fit up to 4 children
multi function stroller accessories
Customize to Your Needs!
With a removable canopy, bassinet, and 2-seater passenger seats, you can customize and utilize the stroller to your needs
stroller with back zipper for easy access
Zipper on Rear Door
Zipper on rear side allowing convenient entrance and exit for children or pet
auto brake handle of a stroller
Push Down Auto Brake Handle
Push down with both hands to go forward, simply release the handle to brake to a stop
stroller with matching side pockets colors
Front and Side Pockets
Multiple storage pockets on the front and side with matching color
big stroller in folded position
Space Saver & Easy To Fold
Familidoo 4 Seat Wagon Chariot Grand MJ04 can be easily folded and stored

dimension of Chariot Grand stroller

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