Multifunction Stroller Chariot Mini-2.0

Meet the new compact model in Familidoo's Chariot range! Multifunction Stroller Chariot Mini 2.0  is a great combination of a pram and playground for kids, and pets as well as a shopping cart. With its unique design, it's not only stylish but also practical.  

The adjustable reclining seat allows babies to sit and rest with comfort discovering the world.  And a removable bassinet can serve as a crib for newborns.  The detachable canopy is designed to provide maximum protection against rain and sun for small passengers. And it's easy to install and disassemble for cleaning.

Our customers can choose additional accessories for their strollers, such as a rain cover, a storage cover, a season cover, or a mosquito net.  Zippable front and rear doors allow convenient and independent entrance and exit for kids and pets. It's especially convenient for injured, sick, scared, or elderly pets.

It's super easy to fold with one button. It can stand vertically when it's folded for safe and efficient storage and effortless transportation.

Multifunction Stroller MJ01-2.0

Product description:

  • Model: Familidoo Chariot Mini-2.0
  • Age recommended: newborn- 60 months
  • Open size: 103x66x125 cm
  • Folded size: 103x66x48 cm
  • Net weight: 14,5 kg
  • Gross weight: 17,6 kg
  • Carton size: 61x29x111 cm
  • 40'HQ: 340 psc
  • 20'GP: 140 psc
  • Included: season cover, mosquito net, seat unit, rain cover, storage cover
  • Optional: bassinet


  • Detachable canopy
  • Removable bassinet
  • Removable seat
  • Mesh side panels for ventilation
  • Zippable front and rear doors
  • Easy and compact folding
  • Extendable door



Familidoo Chariot Mini 2.0

Suitable for children and pets | Multifunction Stroller
Safety Guarantees
  1. Easy to change & remove the seat
  2. Strong frame and easy to fold
  3. Versatility of a pram & mini playground
man pushing child inside stroller on the road
stroller with retractable canopy
Adjustable Canopy
The adjustable canopy is easy to install and disassemble for cleaning
safety belt for stroller
Magnetic 5-Point Safety Harness
Reliable extra safety protection for your loved ones
stroller with reclinable seat
Reclining Child Seat
Adjustable seat with zipper, allowing comfortable use in different positions
compact stroller in folded position
Easy Folding Button
Press the button to fold the stroller in no time
stroller with zippers for easy access
Zipper on Front and Rear Door
Zippers on both sides provide easy entry and exit for children or pets
spacious stroller
Hidden windshield
The mesh side panels allow babies to discover the world with comfort. The windshield is designed on the sides of the stroller to under the zippers.
stroller back wheels
One-step brake system
All-terrain wheels and a ramp for your kids and pets.
1. Season cover
2. Mosquito net
3. Rain cover
4. Removable seat unit 
5. Removable Bassinet
6. Storage cover

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